Born in 1953 in the Hague, Marjan Wijnhoven-Boon grew up in a creative family – with a father who, besides his technical profession, painted, did commercial advertising and designed decors, and who continued his artistic development as a sculpture and stained glass artist even far into retirement.

Marjan took a course in model drawing at the “Vrije Academie” in Venlo, painting lessons by Theo Kappé in Valkenswaard, and then attended the art schools in Arendonck (Belgium) and Tilburg. Later she added the skills of bronze casting and model making to her expertise.

Having worked for a while in art education and commercial art, Marjan found a new challenge in her own “Bo-Art” art school and has booked much success in the wide range of courses in artistic techniques.

During the academic year, time to work on her own projects is limited but from May through August the accumulated inspiration finds expression in paintings and ceramics, stone or bronze sculptures. The themes of her work are varied; human beings, mythological or historical subjects, and abstract art work. On top of exhibitions at home and abroad, there are various local assignments and monuments in Baarlo.

She says, ‘I visualized a school where everyone would be welcome and could be themselves, without feeling the pressures of obligation. It has become a school in which I hope to be able to work for a long time!’

Marjan Wijnhoven